Palace Chicken and Grill is a Family owned and run operation since 1993, that has been improved through love and dedication.

With humility we concede that previously we have made mistakes. We took the lessons learned to create who we have become.

We now offer a ridiculously Fresh and strictly Halal menu, which was two years in the making. We have changed our format and no

longer use processed or frozen food. We are not your normal fast food restaurant, using additives and having pre-cooked food stocked,

ready to sell. Due to that our food has a higher nutritional value and is reasonably priced. We can keep our prices reasonable because

we don't have all the waste of pre-cooked food not needed, we serve only Fresh food made to order, no matter what!!


Our Awesome, Freshly battered Fried Chicken is a tribute to chicken, a monument to the tastiest and healthiest meat known to

man. Our twice-a-day Fresh ground Burgers served on a Freshly baked potato bun are striving to make the world a better place,

one stomach at a time. Add one or two of our Fresh side dishes and we promise you complete satisfaction.


Our Family, proud as ever, is here to introduce you to our all new Palace Chicken and Grill and our ridiculously Fresh, Original,

Hand-Crafted menu. We are a work in progress, Please come join us and give your taste buds a thrill.